Tuesday Thoughts.

They may not always live in the same city, but the people you love (and who love you) will always have a reason to come back. Always. XOXO, Chantelle ————————– It’s been an absolutely crazy week at work and tomorrow my boss is leaving for a new job… But in all of the stressful chaos, […]

Photo of the Week.

Colin’s last week in Colorado has been so crazy busy. We’ve tried to fit in as many adventures as possible, including horseback riding in Estes Park! XOXO, Chantelle ——————————- The one perk of flying into Boston at 5am is that I am awake for the sunrise… and it doesn’t get much better than that. Kate

Friday Finds

So…I know I’m completely ruining my coolness factor by saying that I was JUST YESTERDAY introduced to the instant messaging/texting/photo sharing app, SnapChat.  But I don’t even care.  It’s that awesome. So freaking fun and addicting.  So what if I only have one friend on it–this is just the beginning 😉 KATE–get.on.accepting.my.request.  Our communication will […]

Outfit of the Week.

This wasn’t my cutest outfit this week, however, I liked it because I woke up with almost no time to get ready, and still felt pretty successful on pulling together this casual Monday look. XOXO, Chantelle ——————————————————————————– I’d just like to point out that I have a slight tan going on. Which was pretty much […]