Meet the Pretties

A Tale of Two Pretties follows the life and times of two lovely ladies, Kate and Chantelle.

Best friends for twelve years, we have experienced so many things together.  Laughing, crying, laughing until we’ve cried, loving, not loving, sleepovers, road trips, living in the same room, and living 2,000 miles away.  This blog is our way of keeping that best friend connection, as we no longer get the chance to see each other as often as we used to.

We have always had a way of doing everything together.  Played the same sports, liked the same music, had the same celebrity crushes.  This tendency followed us through college where we both moved to Boston from Colorado to go to Suffolk University.  There, we both (obviously!) worked the same job and even graduated with the same degree.

Despite our many similarities, we are very different.  As you read this blog, you will be able to see how those differences and similarities work together to make us lifelong friends…even though we got off to a bit of a rocky start back in fourth grade where we met… kids will be kids!  And if we had known then what we knew now, we would have never wasted the time in becoming besties for life.

Currently, Kate is still living in Boston and working in HR, while Chantelle is in Boulder working for a non-profit and restaurant.  We have many different dreams/plans/ideas for the future, and hopefully this little blog will follow us along the way.

Here you will find tales of Kate’s creativity and quick wit, and Chantelle’s idealistic dreams and blonde moments.  We hope you will enjoy reading as much as we will enjoy writing.


Kate and Chantelle


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