Awkward and Awesome


  1.  The non-stop “how are you holding up?” questions from my co-workers now that my boss has left. I appreciate that they care, but I’m not a widow in mourning…my wardrobe is far too brightly colored for that.
  2. Walking out of the subway this morning to witness a guy peeing on the side of a building. No. Words.
  3. Getting into a conversation with my favorite awkward co-worker about bare legs vs. panty hose. When I suggested that bare legs were acceptable, I got a look that suggested I was a heathen.


  1. My new obsession with Nurse Jackie.
  2. Getting a gym membership reimbursement check for $150 from my health insurance provider.
  3. Upcoming three day beach weekend…pretty much what’s gotten me through the week.



  1. Getting told by someone I work with that New Orleans is a sticky mess…not sure which kind of sticky he was referring to.
  2. Trying to transition into new roles in relationships. It is soooo weird to try not to care about certain things, but then care so much about others.
  3. Accidentally being placed in a smoking hotel room, getting into the room which REEKED, and then just layind down and dying laughing that this was my life. It had been a day.


  1. This amazing 6-day road trip I’m on with Colin! New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana. Awesome.
  2. My boss offering to pay for one of our meals while on this road trip. I’m so lucky-quite the job and quite the boss.
  3. Summer is finally here at long last. Time for flowy skirts and shorts. So happpppppy.

XOXO, Chantelle


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