Tuesday Thoughts


…and all of the naps I want to take. I think Mr. Burrough left this out because he felt the quote was getting too long. But really, can you ever have too many naps?



23f7675fca7b8ed33b2f05a2f66bab0cHoly MAY IS ALREADY HERE. How did that even happen?? Time to learn how to enjoy the ride that is about to be my life. With graduation, grad school, and new job offers, it seems as though I’m going to be the only one left in Colorado of my few truly amazing, lovely, we-could-talk-for-hours friends. I’m about to have to choose to either sink or swim; to make a new life for myself with new friends here or to be sad over the one I’ve had and loved for so long…Man, I thought that this grown-up thing was supposed to be easy.



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