Awkward & Awesome


  1. Realizing midway through the day that a dark thread that had come off my skirt was stuck between my nylons. It kind of looked like I had a serious case of varicose veins.
  2. Having my very clingy co-worker suggest that she move in to my apartment when my other room-mate moves out. Listen, I may have accidentally walked in on you in the bathroom, but we’re not that close.
  3. Retelling a joke that involved Channing Tatum to my boss’s boss. Being that she is my parent’s age (no offense parents), and that I personally find Channing rather irrelevant, I explained to her that he was a movie star. To which she replied, “how old do you think I am?!” There’s really no coming back from that.


  1. Having my company encourage everyone to participate in “Wear Boston” tomorrow. You all should do it too:)
  2. The fact the my current favorite Pandora station for the gym is “Ke$ha Radio.” What can I say? It’s upbeat.
  3. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for our company-wide benefits open enrollment period. It ends tomorrow, and I couldn’t be more relieved!




  1. Taking a joke about my boss potentially borrowing my Twilight DVD a little bit too far…let’s just say, he was not amused.  
  2. My only awesome, fantastic, lovely, GIRL roommate will be moving out in less than a month.  And who else has she found to sub-let her room, but a BOY.  Welcome to my life as “New Girl.”  Starring Chantelle and her 3 awful boy roommates.  Who knows–maybe this new guy will be fantastic! (<– Me desperately trying to look on the bright side.)
  3. Going to buy/pick up a baby stroller off of Craigslist for my sister-in-law, with Colin.  There were 2 small children going nuts, two parents trying to be awesome and conversational, and a whole lot of joking about how this stroller was definitely not for us, and how we definitely are not having kids anytime soon.  DIED.  Literally so awkward.


  1. COLIN GOT INTO TEACH FOR AMERICAAAAA!!! Yay!  Now decision time to see if his heart is in New Orleans!
  2. Having an entire chunk of snow fall off a tree branch LITERALLY a split second after I got out from under it.  Close enough to still get snow flying at me, but hey–I didn’t get completely covered!
  3. The 10-Day forecast only shows TWO more days of possible snow! Spring/summer, pleasepleaseplease hurry up.  I love me some vitamin D!


XOXO, Chantelle

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