Awkward & Awesome


  1. Running to catch the elevator and realizing it was filled with the guys from our IT department, then be asked if I wanted to go to the bar with all of them. Not sure if the invitation was sincere, but the topic of conversation in the elevator was SQL coding so yeah, I passed.
  2. Running into my roommate’s new boy on the staircase as I was walking back from getting my morning coffee and he was sneaking out of our apartment. That’s right buddy, you can run, but you can’t hide.
  3. Having one of our employees who resigned write an email to the entire company that can pretty much be paraphrased into the following:

               Dear company,

               F$%@ You.  


               Extremely Disgruntled Employee

              SO professional…  


  1. Having a roommate with a car. AND having that roommate be willing to drive you to Trader Joe’s for groceries. 
  2. Thinking that a dress was on sale  when it wasn’t at Old Navy today, and then having the cashier just  give it to me for the price I thought it was…
  3. Getting a dresser for $40 on Craiglist, which is a steal. And on top of that, having the guy deliver it to my apartment, help me lug it up three flights of stairs, AND give me the paint he used for it in case in need to touch anything up….that’s like a quadruple steal. Check it out:


With some new drawer handles, it’s gonna be my new favorite thing in my room!



Chantelle’s Awkward & Awesomes


  1. How ridiculous my obsession is with free coffee from Wells Fargo.  I legitimately space out my trips so that I can get the most free cups in one week.  I’m pretty sure they all know it, too.  Hey–it beats paying $1.50 for a cup!
  2. My boss broke his ankle.  So, now instead of being his assistant bookkeeper, I’m just his assistant in general.  Driving him to doctor’s appointments?  Check.  Making home visits to go over work notes?  Check.  Having his gross purple ankle propped up on the desk with a pillow at all times?  Check.
  3. Trying to workout in the one area of my apartment that has enough space, and EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. one of my roommates decides to walk in/make dinner/just hang out on the couch.  HI–I don’t look like a supermodel when I work out–in fact, it probably isn’t pretty at all. Take that as your cue to wait another half hour to do whatever you need to do!  Thanks.



  1. Got a raise this week for KILLING myself at work last week while my boss was away—–YAY!  Real life is like school, except the raises feel so much better than the A’s 😉
  2. Colorado is BEAUTiful, and I get to go on a lovely little hike this weekend. SO STOKED about shorts weather!
  3. The amount of sleep I’ve been able to get this week!  There is nothing better than a well-rested Chantelle.



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