Awkward & Awesome


  1. How much every female that I interact with for my job is IN. LOVE. with my boss. Yes, ladies. I know you love him. And you’re disappointed you have to deal with me instead of him. So sorry for your loss.
  2. Being the only adults at Gateway Fun Park playing mini-golf and arcade games…at least the only adults that weren’t there with their kids. Still had so much fun, even though I’m sure people thought we were crazy!
  3. Waiting for a friend outside of the restaurant I used to work at, thinking it would only be like 5-10 minutes, which then turned into an hour and 45 minutes. At first, I just told the staff that I’d be hanging out for a few minutes, said my hello’s and goodbye’s…then saw them about a million times more, each time with them asking questions, “Jeez! You’re STILL here? Thought you were leaving like an hour ago!” Yeah, me too buddy.



  1. The weather has been so gorgeous in Boulder this week! Please, please stay sunshine. I quite like you.
  2. The movie Under the Tuscan Sun. How had I not seen this already?! Loved it.
  3. Getting in some excellent family and friend time this past week—been home 3 times in two weeks, which almost NEVER happens. Lucky girl.

XOXO, Chantelle


Kate’s Awkward and Awesome’s:


  1. Randomly waking up at 6:30 AM on a weekend. I liken my early rising to  getting a double yolk in your egg…I’m not gonna say it never happens, but when it does, it’s always surprising. 
  2. Realizing just how many clothes I have, and how little space I have to store them. I think that means it’s time for a new dresser , a trip to goodwill to get rid of stuff I don’t wear, and possibly an intervention to address my shopping habits:)
  3. Pretending to be excited about my roommate wanting to redecorate our living room so that’s it’s “sports themed.” In all fairness, I have pretty much decorated the entire apartment so that it’s my style. I’m trying to be optimistic, but “Frat House Chic” is not a train that I would like to board.



  1. Cleaning my ENTIRE apartment yesterday, which I don’t mind saying, is rather spacious. 
  2. Making plans for “Chinese Easter” with my friend. Yep, we’re getting dim sum.
  3. Getting hit by the “craft bug ” again now that my apartment looks so nice. It’s gonna be awesome.

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