Awkward & Awesome


  1. Scheduling a cab to pick me up RIDICULOUSLY early this morning and then having it not show up. Too bad I haven’t mastered the art of teleportation
  2. Being so exhausted recently that I find myself constantly incapable of forming words…when I finally do think think I what I’m trying to say, I’m so excited that the answer comes out as a shout. It’s like I’ve got turrets.
  3. Leaving my library book on the train, the Boston Public Library should have never trusted me with a library card.


  1. After finally being able to flag down a cab(not the one that I had originally scheduled), I apparently gave the driver an extra $20. I know this because the driver drove all the way back to the hotel to give me the money back. It doesn’t get much better than that.
  2. Being treated to an excellent dinner and even more excellent career and life advice from a family friend who was in town
  3. Getting some lovely new frocks courtesy of my madre! Thanks mom:)



Chantelle’s Awkward & Awesomes


  1. Coming home from work at 6am to find a rando sleeping on my couch.  I’m sure for some 22-year-olds, this is standard practice.  However, it is NOT normal in my apartment, and for a second I honestly thought he maybe broke in during the middle of the night.  Nope.  Just my roommate’s friend.  Bet I sounded really crazy when I asked him if the guy on the couch was his friend, or a drunken CU kid…
  2. How invested I am in Glee to this day…It was cool for awhile, but somehow I’ve gotten so wrapped up, I can’t stop watching.  Not my proudest Thursday night TV choice.
  3. I bought 8 tubs of Noosa yogurt today—it’s an obsession, and for whatever reason, I felt it important to let the grocery checker know that…as if he couldn’t tell already.  Awesome.


  1. Getting to wear short sleeve shirts and skirts because the weather was SO LOVELY this past week!  (Now the forecast is hovering around 30 degrees, but let’s not think about that…)
  2. Seeing and playing with my nephews last night.  They are seriously the cutest little boys in the world!  At 4.5 and 1.5 years old, how could they not be though?
  3. Booking my flight to Boston in the beginning of May!  That’s right Bean town—look out—I’m BAAAAAAAAACK.

One thought on “Awkward & Awesome

  1. Or should I say Greeley madre, you are most welcome Kate. Chantelle I looove Noosa yogert, and I am constantly telling the checkers at KingSoopers what great yogert it is….they think I am crazy!!

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