Awkward & Awesome


  1. How exceptionally dirty my car has gotten over the past few weeks.  I mean, I’ll be the first to admit it’s always had a decent amount of clutter in the back seat–but now, it’s just gone too far.  And, of course, coinciding with the perpetual dirtiness of my car, I’ve all of a sudden exploded as the woman to give rides!  All the time.  Yes, please–let’s take MY car, so I can be horrifyingly embarrassed as you literally have to move everything from the seat/floor area just to make a spot for yourself.  Love it.
  2. How dry my skin is right now. Period. Thanks, Colorado.
  3. Having a King Soopers date with Colin earlier today, and not realizing that was a weird thing until a few of his friends pointed it out.  Weird or not, I LOVE grocery shopping with him (so much delicious food planning and fun antics to be had), and I was thrilled with our afternoon date 🙂


  1. My roommate from New Zealand is coming out to visit this weekend!  It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve seen him–a good reunion for sure 🙂
  2. ALSO, this weekend we’ll be going snowshoeing with said past roommate and some of Colin’s current roommates!  Haven’t done that in 2 years as well, so lots of catching up on fun stuff!
  3. The fact that my apartment complex is replacing our hot water heater…and that it’s going to take a full WEEK at the least to get it done.  Ri.dic.ulous.  However, I will be stoked when I can finally take long, hot showers again!

XOXO, Chantelle



  1. Realizing that it’s pretty much impossible to find pajama pants that aren’t too short. At 5’10”, I either have to rock naked ankles or a plumber’s crack…I knew there was a reason I like night gowns. 
  2. Trying to cut back on the caffeine- After staying up past 2am every night last week, I’m realizing this is necessary, but I think my body is trying to talk me out of it by feeling like crap anyway.
  3. Trying to make up an excuse to get out of the middle of a shouting match between two co-workers yesterday…I’ll be honsest, I just mumbled something and high tailed it outta there.


  1. Having my bosses’ BOSS tell me that there would always be a place for me at the company. 
  2. Getting to house-sit for my co-worker this weekend at his fancy house by the beach. I have to take A FERRY there.
  3. Instantly befriending a couple on the last shuttle home this weekend after a late night out…we’re already facebook friends so it’s pretty much set in stone;)

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