A One Way Ticket to Paradise


Ok…so I actually bought a round trip ticket. But regardless, I am so excited to be returning to my little piece of sanity in a city that keeps me running at about a million miles an hour.

Let me explain.

Freshman year, Chantelle and I were lucky enough to meet our friend Danielle, who is about as fabulous as they come. (She’s the fabulous blonde in the front).


Danielle introduced us to some of the finer things in life including: wine and cheese parties in the North End of Boston,  Lulu’s cupcakes, dim sum in Chinatown (don’t ask me the name of the place), and Brown’s Seafood. Come to think of it, I can probably thank her for for a few extra pounds too!

But in the crazy whirlwind that was my second year of college, Danielle’s home of Haverhill became something of a home for me too. One hour out of the city and I had a quaint little town and a welcoming(crazy) family not so different from my own.

Its been almost two years, but Danielle is home for a bit and I am ready for the sanity that this place brings.


My bags are packed, i’m relaxing on the train. Haverill old friend, it’s been too long.


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