Awkward & Awesome


  1. Having to pick up a lunch order for the entire office yesterday in a torrential downpour. I had an intern with me, but I’d have rather had a poncho.
  2. Trying to make polite conversation with said intern in a torrential downpour. His umbrella turned inside out, I nearly slipped in a puddle, we both  came back looking like wet dogs. It was like a romantic comedy with all of the comedy and none of the romance.
  3. Wearing my new sneakers for the walk to work today and forgetting to bring flats to change into once I got there.


    At least they’re subtle, right?


  1. Coming home to a HUGE package from my aunt. It was a belated Christmas/birthday gift. She is the most thoughtful gift-giver on the face of the planet.
  2. Handwritten notes-I got one from my uncle in the package. Have you ever known somebody that you suspect has the secret to life? That’s him.
  3. Being in the check out line at H&M ready to drop $40 on a blazer, and having it ring up as $20. I felt like I was getting away with stealing.


Chantelle’s Awkward & Awesome’s


  1. Having my boss introduce us as partners to potential clients/people he knows, and EVERYONE interpreting that as romantic partners.  Then the awkward explanation ensues about him meaning business partners, and cue me blushing, dying and wanting to run away all at the same time.
  2. Hearing scandalous stories about your old bosses and not being able to look at them the same the next time you see them.  ICK.
  3. Seeing a somewhat close friend from high school randomly on the street.  You hug, realize conversation is awkward and run away saying that you are in a time crunch and would love to chat, but really can’t.  Then, you walk into a restaurant to have dinner with some friends, and BAM.  There. she. is.  And she sees you.  And it’s even MORE awkward than before. Died.



  1. Actually taking the time to make myself real-life grown-up dinners the past few nights!  Usually when I’m not eating with Colin, I’ll end up with cereal or a hodge-podge of other snacks. NOT lately, my friends.  Welcome to the life of chicken/brown rice/broccoli/peanut sauce sautes and fancy chicken/feta/spinach quesadillas!  Yes, I realize it’s still a quesadilla.  But hey–it required cooking the chicken.  I call that a big win.
  2. FINALLY getting to finish the 1st season of Downton Abbey!  OBSESSED.  Need to find the 2nd season somewhere, because Netflix doesn’t seem to grasp the importance of the show in my life.
  3. How funny my best friend is (^evidence apparent in her awkward and awesome’s above^).  Seriously. I killed it in the friends department.

XOXO, Chantelle

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