Fashion Trends I Could Live Without

Being that I have a bit of a shopping problem, it’s natural that I see some recurring themes when I’m parousing the sale rack. I’m all for keeping current, but as far as I’m concerned, these fashion bandwagons can roll right on by:

  1. Printed pants- Perhaps the reason that I see SO MANY of these bad boys on the hangers at  some of my go-to stores (I’m talking to you, H&M), is because NOBODY buys them. Ever.printedpants2 
  2. Studded Collars- I’m sorry, but I like to wear my collared shirts to work, not the nearest Ke$ha concert. studded
  3. Backless Everything- I originally kind of liked this trend, but now I’m over the impracticality. I don’t know about you, but I like to wear a bra. Crazy thought. Backless-JUPE
  4. Mullet Dresses-This one truly breaks my heart. So many cute dresses, ruined  by the mullet.  mullet-2
  5. Ombre Hair- Ok, this is just a clever way to make your undyed roots acceptable. ombre-hair-2
  6. 1 nail painted a different color-Maybe I’m just behind the times, but  when I see you sporting 1 nail painted a different color, I think that you ran out of polish. nails

Well, that’s my fashion rant for the day. Of course, there’s an exception to every rule, so if you’re one of the few people who can look good rocking one of these trends, I salute you. Stayed tuned for the fashion trends I CAN’T live without.

Until then!


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