the cook(ie)book of my dreams.

For the past few months, I have been inspired by Gracie’s idea to buy a cookbook and work her way through the entire thing.  Especially considering she chose cookies.  So inspired, in fact, that I’ve decided to try it myself!  And I’ve found the perfect little gem of a recipe book to do it with: 1 Dough, 100 Cookies by Linda Doeser.


My first conquering were the Almond Crunchies.


I decided to make a half batch so that I could try the recipes in a faster time frame…but considering how delicious they turned out, I think that was a mistake!

They were gone in three days.  With the help of co-workers and a boyfriend, of course 😉


And because of my excitement about this, I’ve decided to make a note on each recipe page of the book to describe when/with who I made the cookies and what I thought of them.  Good memories for years to come, I hope!

Anyone want to join me?  You can pick up a copy at World Market (my new favorite store)!

XOXO, Chantelle

2 thoughts on “the cook(ie)book of my dreams.

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