Many Memories…One Face



We all have that go-to “silly face ” that we make when someone shouts “let’s do a funny photo!” My problem is that I do my silly face in just about every photo. A recent parpousal of my facebook made this alarmingly clear. So here it is, for your viewing plasure, THE FACE:

face 2

This is my “I’m too cool to actually look at the camera” version of the face.

face 1

I contend that my face in this photo is actually justified because I was genuinely shocked to be graduating.


I can even do the face mid dance session.


No little ones were harmed in the making of this photo;)


I think I just realized my friend Jordan and I bought the same shorts…except he bought the shorter version:D

face 16

Chantelle’s face is actually the star of this pic. 


There are no words. 

After further investigation into the matter, I found 2 photos that lead me to believe I won’t be changing my ways any time soon:


Yep, that’s me doing the face on the end, circa 1991.

And Finally…


That goofball right there? That’s my brother. So…I guess it’s genetic.

Until next time, stay pretty and goofy!


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