Awkward and Awesome

Sorry for the lack of posting! We’ve been busy busy busy! But we’re never too busy for Awkward and Awesome;)


  • This morning my boss was looking for sugar for his coffee and asked if I knew where any would be. A few minutes later,  my co-worker asked why I was rummaging through the cupboards, and I responded. My co-worker than gave me a smirk and replied, “oh, your boss wants sugar? he must be very demanding.” EEEEEWWW.
  • The fact that we have 18-24 inches of snow predicted for tomorrow. Really Boston?!
  • Making the gym last night just before they closed, and not having time to change when I left. Of course I chose yesterday to wear shorts, so it looked like I wasn’t wearing pants under my winter coat. Everyone on the T looked at me like I was a streetwalker. Note to self: Being a streetwalker in Boston would be a very cold business.


  • Going to Starbucks yesterday and hearing the guy in front of me respond to the barista, “Um, yeah, I’d like two tall blondes.” I bet you would sir, I bet you would.
  • Deciding that if the office closes tomorrow on account of snow, we’re going to change our ‘”after-work drinks,” into “after lunch drinks.”
  • Getting stuff for 80% off when I went shopping last night. I mean, they’re basically giving it away!


Chantelle’s Awkward and Awesomes


  • Seeing one of the chef’s that I previously worked with at the gym after I finished a Body Pump class.  And then him proceeding to tell me that he’s a beast at the gym, he should probably be my personal trainer, Body Pump is for weaklings–all as he WALKS on the treadmill.  Thanks, but no thanks.
  • Spending at least five minutes by myself in the bulk aisle trying to decide between two different trail mixes.  Then, having to be engaged in a serious nut conversation with the bulk aisle employee about whether raw or roasted almonds are better.  Twenty minutes later I finally left with some trail mix in hand.  I don’t even know how it happened.
  • Trying to carry a billion files to your car, whilst assuring the other person you’ve got it–then dropping all of the files on the wet, snowy grass.  They don’t see it happen, but you think it’s too good of a story not to share, so you tell them about it, expecting a good chuckle and “I told you so!”  However, they are not amused, and then you just look like the idiot who couldn’t carry the files.  And told on yourself.  Gah.


  • Getting paid to go out to lunch, spend 30 minutes in Office Max comparing sticky note and pen options, then going out for coffee and a snack after.  All in a day’s work, my friends.
  • World Market.  Need I say more??  HOW is it possible I haven’t been here before.  As I checked out, the woman said, “Thanks ladies. Sounds like we’ll be seeing you again very soon.”  Very soon, indeed.
  • My boss asking me to compare and rate in perfect-man-order: Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt.  Then, him getting upset when I rated Brad Pitt last, and it turning into a full-blown conversation.  Love my life.

XOXO, Chantelle

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