Where did all my money go?!

One upside of being sick over the weekend is that I had quite a bit of time to be lazy and surf the web. After getting bored with Facebook, Pinterest, and online shopping, I decided to look into the Verizon discount that my work offers to see if my dream of owning an iPhone was even remotely attainable. The results of my little quest?


Ugh…The data plan is so expensive!!! BUT, as much as I would like to blame Apple for making a ridiculously expensive phone, and Verizon for charging an obscene amount for the data plan, I have to take my share of the blame. You see, I could probably afford the phone if I cut down on some of my bad spending habits. And let me tell you… I’ve  got a few.

A few months ago, at Chantelle’s suggestion, I joined Mint.com, a personal budgeting website that links to all of your financial records. You can look at your spending trends, set budgeting goals, and get advice on ways to save. I have to say, the first time I saw my spending habits broken down into a lovely little pie chart (or as I call it, The Terror Wheel), my reaction looked a little something like this:


Yes, I am aware that I could better at saving. And I’m also aware that I often justify purchases because they are small…but seeing all of those little purchases neatly categorized into a rather hefty piece of pie was… well, an eye opener.

As I said, I have many bad habits when it comes to spending, but I’ve narrowed down some of the worst culprits, and I’m trying (harder on some than others) to cut back.

The Spender Offenders: (sorry, I couldn’t help myself)

  • Starbucks-Damn you Skinny Peppermint Mocha for being so delicious and only 100 calories! I’m sorry to say that before my little intervention with the wheel of terror, I was averaging a Starbucks trip approximately 3 times a week. I have actually been pretty successful in cutting back on this bad habit, and I’ve cut it down to once a week. 
  • CVS trips-CVS is to the city, what Target is to the suburbs. I walk in to get shampoo, I walk out with a new nail polish, bandaids, some almonds, and a Snapple…and most likely forget the shampoo. It doesn’t help that I often visit CVS on my lunch break just to pass the time. I will say that I’ve definitely become more aware of the impact on my bank account, but I’m still a sucker for their make-up aisle.
  • Convenience-Why go all the way to the grocery store for yogurt when I can get it at the convenience store for double the price??? Oh…wait.
  • Shopping-In case you haven’t noticed, I kind of love clothes. And if I’ve had a bad day at work, I hit the racks like a moth to a flame. There is A LOT of room for improvement in this department….but at least I look stylish, even if I’m poor 😉

Conclusion: my spending reform is a work in progress. I’ve just gotta keep my eye on the prize,


…and off of the sale rack at Ann Taylor loft.


Wish me luck!


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