Awkward and Awesome


  • Going out of the house when your sick. Yes, I am aware that my appearance may not be suitable for some small children, but I’m sick, what do you want from me?
  • Trying to maintain some sense of style when it’s twenty degrees outside-I’m starting a new fashion trend, it’s called Lumberjack Chic.
  • Getting to work and realizing I have only one earring on…just give me an eyepatch and call me Blackbeard!


  • Getting to show one of my friends from Colorado around Boston while he came to interview for med school. Unfortunately, the weather was about as bad as it could get when he visited, so I can’t say I’ll blame him if he goes with his other top choice in sunny California!
  • It’s been nearly three weeks since I’ve bitten my nails! I realize that this is a bad habit you should drop when you’re about 13, but better late than never!
  • Getting my mother hooked on Modcloth. If she ever gets an account on Pinterest, the world may never see her again. Like daughter like mother!


Chantelle’s Awkward & Awesome’s


  • Having one of the residents where I work tell me that my red jeans mean that I’m looking for a suitor.  Not exactly the message I was trying to portray.  Whoops.
  • Thinking I parked at Colin’s house, calling him to come pick me up (and the kid I was giving a ride home to), and then realizing that I’d actually parked down the street from the restaurant I work at.  So, once he got there, he gave us a ride to my car, and we thanked him for saving us about a minute of walking. Ridiculous.
  • Having a dream that Rupert Grint (oh hey, Ron Weasley) and I were planning some sort of charity event, and ended up falling deeply in love. AWKWARD.


  • New phone!  Exciting because my old one I’ve had since HIGH SCHOOL. Literally, senior year.  
  • Game nights reappearing in my life!  Kate and I used to host game nights all the time with our high school/college buddies, but since I’ve graduated and moved away there has been a serious lack.  Until now!  Expect a post on that exciting stuff!
  • I’m going to have the weekend mostly off for the first time in awhile, and it will be nice to sleep and just do my thing!  I can’t even wait.  I foresee lots of warm tea, blankets, and books to read.  <– Wow, glad I sound so interesting.

xoxo, Chantelle

3 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome

  1. I have some red jeans too but I was hoping they were giving off the, I’m trying to be trendy vibe… apparently, they aren’t! Don’t worry I’m doing homework all weekend, so we are equally as thrilling.

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