Welcome to my Weeknight



Every night, I go through the rather  lengthy ritual of deciding what to wear the next morning. Why does it take so long , you ask? Because I feel the need to try on about everything in my closet, pick my outfit front-runners, and then make my final decision(sometimes this happens the next morning). Yes, my time could probably be spent more wisely, but there’s something about going the process that helps me to decompress after a long say at work.

And tonight is no different. I recently got this dress for $19.99 on final sale at Ann Taylor Loft (their after Christmas sales are TO DIE for), and i’ve decided that it shall be the centerpiece of tomorrow’s outfit:


And after some serious debate, I have whittled it down to these 3 outfits:

Choice Number 1: Cute and Casual




With These Shoes:



Choice Number 2: Back in Black 

dress2With these shoes:


And Finally,

Choice Number 3: A Hint of Sparkledress
With these shoes:

shoes 1

Decisions, decisions! I’m going to have to sleep on it.

Stay pretty, and Warm!


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