Flashback Friday: What Were We Thinking?

If you were to sit and look at our resumes, it would appear that Kate and I LOVE calling/telemarketing/trying to appeal to people over the phone.  Why you might ask?  Because, somehow, for 4 years, we chose jobs centered around just that–phone sales.

First, we got involved with the Obama campaign back in 2008 and made probably a billion calls between the two of us over the course of the 6 months we helped out.  Political calls?  Surprisingly don’t rank as my least favorite call to make–the people who answered generally wanted to talk, and the people who didn’t answer usually saw their caller ID and refused to speak to us anyways.  Plus, the campaign was a whirlwind time in our lives where we met amazing people, saw amazing things, and were a part of something amazing–campaign calls and all.


Next, we decided that since we were sooooooo experienced in calling, we’d both get jobs at the Suffolk University Annual Fund.  Now.  This job–this one was worse than the political calling.  Even if people didn’t want to talk, they’d answer the phone just to let us know how little they wanted to speak to Suffolk students.  And somehow, between the people trying to rush us off the phone, or telling us how poor they were,  we’d have to try to find a way to fit in our 3-ask structure for donations which we never actually followed (whoops).  Yet, we must’ve been pretty okay as we both ended up on the leadership team, where we became super close with our fellow staff.  Literally the best on-campus job ever, looking back on it.


Lastly, and worst of all, was the time Kate and I spent calling for an organization that represented several different campaigns (political, social, environmental, etc.).  It was straight out of a nightmare.  Our calls were constantly monitored, and we’d be called into a room to speak with our supervisors if we were performing below the numbers/goals that had been set for the day.  Additionally, it seems they only hired creepy people (aside from the two of us, of course).  It was awful, we only spent one semester working there, and I know that I have tried to block it from my memory.  No lifelong friends at this place 😉

Regardless, the calling jobs Kate and I have done have left us with so.many.memories.  And over the years, I can remember many more good than bad.  We gained amazing friends, funny stories, and a lifetime of phone experience.  I simply couldn’t have asked for more.

XOXO, Chantelle

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