Awkward & Awesome


  • Going to the gym Monday morning before work and realizing I had forgotten to pack tights. Then hurrying to CVS to pick some bare-legged, IN THE SNOW. Did I mention I ran into my boss on the way? I think he thought I was deranged.
  • Getting into a conversation at work today about the different meanings of “getting on your knees” based on gender…sometimes I love my job:)
  • Trying to exchange a pair of jeans at Old Navy that were the same size but a different rise and being told that I couldn’t because it wasn’t an even exchange. SERIOUSLY?!


  • $3 pitchers of beer at one of the local bars. I mean, I don’t even like beer, but I can appreciate a good deal
  • The upcoming two days…Dinner parties, work celebrations, and a reunion with old friends…I’m so pumped!
  • The anticipation of Oprah’s interview with Lance Armstrong tonight and tomorrow. I’m so excited that  I almost want to stay in tomorrow and watch it. ALMOST.

Stay Pretty, Awesome (and Awkward!) ,



Chantelle’s Awkward and Awesomes:


  • My boy roommate’s newly existent love life.  And the fact that his room is right next to mine.  And our walls are paper thin.  Ugh.
  • How much I secretly love watching all of the gold mining reality shows on TV.  Awkward or Awesome? Not sure.  That probably means awkward…
  • Small talk.  In general.  I’m not good at it, I don’t enjoy it, it’s awkward.


  • Working the overnight shift at my job, meaning I get to watch more Downton Abbey.  Yes.  I would like to work from 11:30pm-8:30am JUST so I can catch up on that awesomeness!
  • Learning how to make time for myself and my sanity.  Who knew a little more sleep went such a long way!
  • Having an old roommate come to stay in our apartment for a week, getting home from a long day of work, and seeing that she’d cleaned the ENTIRE place–bathrooms and all!  That girl can stay

XOXO, Chantelle

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