Ever the Pro-crafts-inator.

As you may remember, Chantelle recently posted a holiday wreath tutorial. This lovely little project was part of our Christmas craft gift exchange that we did with two of our other good friends.

Well, if you can count on me for one thing, it’s that I will always wait until the absolute last minute to get something done. This meant that half an hour before our gift exchange, I was frantically trying to make the hideous DIY scarves I had crafted slightly less hideous…let’s just say that didn’t work out so well. I had to show up to the exchange empty handed with promises of better crafts to come.

So, for my take two gift, I decided to make a smaller versions of this DIY wall art I recently made to decorate my room:


…And this is how they turned out, pretty good if I do say so myself!


These bad boys are SUPER easy to make and a cheap way to dress up a bare wall.

What You’ll Need:

  • Old sheet music, or pages from an old book 
  • Frames(I got mine from the dollar store!)
  • A printer
  • Silhouette Images (I literally googled “silhouettes” to find the images above)


  1.  Copy and paste the images of your choice into a word document.
  2. Place your sheet music or book pages into the printer. The first time I did this project, I was using a printer that it was easy to print on different sized paper. The second time, I just cut my sheet music down to the standard 8.5″ by 11″ size. Either works.
  3. Print the silhouettes and trim if necessary.
  4. Place the images in your frame and voila! You’re done.

Moral of the story, sometimes procrastination works in your favor! At least that’s what I keep telling myself;)

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “Ever the Pro-crafts-inator.

  1. I am the queen of procrastinators. I’m sure you have heard this from your mom…it goes hand in hand with being a perfectionist…and is a horrible combination. These are so cute. Can you send me the link to the roller coaster silhouette? Actually also the hot air ballon and the couple on the bicycle. They will be perfect for a couple of scrapbooking projects I am working on. Don’t want to go into the procrastination and perfectionism on the scrapbooking….

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