Flashback Friday

In the more than a decade that Chantelle and I have been friends, you can pretty much count on me to be the one to make a fool out of myself.  Let’s just say that “graceful” is about the last word that anyone would ever use to describe me.

…Which is why had to go back more than ten years in our friendship to think of a time when Chantelle pulled a move right out of the Klutzy Kate Handbook.

It was fifth grade , and my mom asked me if I wanted to bring a friend on our weekend ski trip. Naturally, I asked Chantelle. “Do you ski?’ I asked her, to which she replied, “Of course! But I haven’t been in a while.”

… Famous last words.

As it turned out Chantelle was a little rusty, but after a few runs down the bunny hill we were ready to tackle the slopes. It was one of our first runs of the day and I had gotten pretty far ahead of Chantelle, so I decided  stop at the bottom of a turn and wait for her. A few seconds later, she comes BARRELING down the hill , picking up a speed as she went.

Unfortunately, Chantelle did not account for the group of snowboarders sitting like ducks while they listened to their instructor give instructions. The horror(and hilarity) unfolded before my eyes. As Chantelle rounded the corner, she ran smack dab into the group, managing to take out one of the snowboarder in the process.

Insert Chantelle's face here:)

Insert Chantelle’s face here:)

Thankfully, no one was hurt. Unluckily for us however, the snowboard instructor who witnessed the entire incident was running the ski lift for the rest of the afternoon, and every time we got in line he would yell “watch out for these girls, they like to take people out!” I think that was beginning of the end for both of our skiing careers.

Oh man Chantelle, a decade later and it still brings a smile to my face.

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