Awkward & Awesome

After a brief hiatus, Thursday’s Awkward & Awesome is back (if not for your humor, then absolutely for mine as I generally laugh out loud reading about Kate’s week). Here goes!


  • Emailing a lady about joining her book club that I found online (awkward enough to begin with), only to get a response from her saying they haven’t met for almost TWO years.  Then, she proceeded to invite me to join her other side book club that consists of her. Just her. 
  • Looking at other peoples’ profiles on LinkedIn.  They can see that you’ve looked at their profile! Severely limits my stalking ability without actually coming off as creepy as I am.
  • Sitting in my car at a stoplight, glancing out the window, seeing my awkward guy roommate who I’ve seen a grand total of maybe 7 times since he moved in (in SEPTEMBER), and making the conscious decision not to acknowledge him and simply look the other way.  To my defense, he did the same.


  • Getting keys to the brand new office I will be working in while bookkeeping, alongside the nicest guy ever–and he even told me I could help decorate. YESSSSSSSSSSS.
  • Still reliving the awesomeness of Harry Potter World from a week ago. Still.
  • Treating myself to the first manicure I’ve had in agesss. Literally had to have been last May, with Kate, before graduation.  Such a lovely decision.

XOXO, Chantelle

Kate’s Awkward and Awesome’s


  • Trying to figure out how to hook up a desk phone for one of our interns. Sure, I’ll get under the desk in my short dress and look at the wiring while all everyone in pants stands around and supervises.
  • Getting back to a normal sleep schedule– staying up until 2am every night when you’re on vacation is all fine and dandy, but when you have work the next day? Let’s just say I’ve had enough caffiene to power a small country…if caffiene could be used as a fuel source.
  • Being so groggy in the morning means that my hair and make-up may or may not be up to par when I leave my apartment. So… i’ve been having to do some major touch-ups when I get to work. The problem? We have ONE women’s bathroom and it’s located in the office where everyone sees you go in and out. By now I’m guessing people think that I have some sort of stomach issue since I spend about 10 minutes in the bathroom every morning…at least I’m regular;)


  • My new wardrobe…courtesy of the AMAMZING after Christmas sales at Anne Taylor Loft.
  • My new tattoo! I would post a picture but it’s one my shoulder and I think it’s anatomically impossible to get a shot unless I have someone else take it…believe me, I’ve tried!


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