current obsessions, part two.

the lumineers cd. so, so good! listen, love, become obsessed. you’re welcome.


my big Boston Starbucks mug. and all Starbucks mugs in general.  they just know how to make the perfect size. they just do. (and then i spilled this entire mug of tea on the floor immediately after this photo. sad day.)


the Urban Outfitters globe watch I got as a Christmas present. i wear it all.the.time.


the fact that my roommates and i are still in the holiday spirit. and no sign of that letting up anytime soon.


the most amazing hand creme i’ve come across yet, Mias Chandler Farm Cranberry & Mandarin. smells so good, absorbs quickly, leaves my hands silky and smooth. success! (and it’s 50% off right now!)

hand-cream-cranberry-500x500What are your current obsessions? Any fun, new products you are loving?

XOXO, Chantelle

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