Disney Recap: A whole new world

This past week I got the very lucky opportunity to go to Disney World with my boyfriend’s family!  We spent a few days in Disney parks, one day at Universal Studios, and a day at the beach–such a whirlwind trip, but worth every second 🙂



While at Disney World, we had the chance to give away two of our fast pass tickets as a random act of kindness, which allow you to cut the line and ride almost immediately (instead of waiting upwards of an hour, usually).  The next day, we were RANDOMLY given three fast pass tickets so that Colin’s whole family could ride together.  That my friends is called karma.  So awesome.


We also got to venture into Harry Potter world at Universal Studios and see Hogsmeade. So. freaking. cool. It looked everything like I imagined it would.


We enjoyed butter beer, walked through Ollivander’s, and even got to go through the Hogwarts castle while lining up for one of the rides.  Definitely a high point!


Also, while in Florida, Colin and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary by spending the night in Downtown Disney.


After searching for a place for more than an hour, we finally settled on delicious Cuban food, ice cream and churros for dessert, and a balloon ride to celebrate.


It was everything I wanted it to be and more.


Hope you all had as fantastic a week as I did!  Happy new year!



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