Flashback Friday


Hello Pretties! Sorry that this Flashback Friday is a little late…at least it’s not Flashback Saturday! Today’s post was inspired by yesterday’s office festivities. All of the decorating made me think back to our first year of college, living in the dorms. It was the week before finals, and everyone on the floor was in that caffeine induced, sleep deprived craze that only finals can bring. Our solution to take our minds off of all the stress? A Christmas Decorating Contest…because who needs to study when you can spend you time hanging tinsel and making snowflakes?



We didn’t just have snowflakes, we had 3D snowflakes. These babies were courtesy on my fellow pretty, Chantelle.


If you’re wondering,  I did not actually write this letter. It is however, quite accurate:)


In the end, I really think our it was life-sized Buddy the elf that clinched the win for us.  Our welcome distraction from tests became one of my favorite memories from college.

My next post will be from the great state of Colorado, less than 24 hour until I’m home and reunited with my bestie!

Until then,


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