Flashback Friday – Subway Style

Once upon a time, Kate and I decided to go to New York City in the spring of our freshman year while at Suffolk.  We had a weekend to spare, and a close campaign friend (also Kate!) to visit, so we took the 5 hour bus ride to the city and had an adventure of a time staying in Brooklyn.

We did so many fun things those few days: wind through Central Park and learn about geo-caching, cross the Brooklyn Bridge by foot, enjoy Shake Shack for the first time (YUM.), watch smart, indie movies like The Motorcycle Diaries with our smart, indie campaign friend in her amazing little apartment, buy standing room tickets to see The Phantom of the Opera (then having one of our besties, Anthony, get us the director’s box seats after the first scene so we could watch the show like ballers), explore delicious eateries including Empanada Mama’s, and finally, walk the city blocks for hours–trying to avoid the confusing New York City Metro that is so. much. more. intricate than Boston’s!


Speaking of the subway, Kate and I did try for a time to tackle that mess of confusing letters and numbers…and that is where today’s Flashback Friday moment comes from.

I can’t remember exactly where it was we were going, or which line we were on, but we had reached our stop, and so naturally we head to exit the train.  I get off, and IMMEDIATELY, the doors close–and Kate is NOT off the train with me.  A look of sheer panic crosses both of our faces in the split second where she is inside the train windows, and I’m on the platform.


(Obviously, if we wouldn’t have been such newbies, we could’ve pressed the button by the doors to make them open again. But alas, we decided to have a panic attack instead.)

As the train starts moving, we give each other the call me gesture, albeit not as glamorously as Beyonce.


So, I rush out of the underground subway maze to try to find cell service and just wait. and panic. and wait. until Kate can get off at the next stop and call me!  Eventually (after what seems like an eternity), we get in contact and she simply ended up hitching a train back to the stop I was at, and we continued along our journey.  Easy, peasy.

And then there was that one time, actually-multiples times,  Kate got her arm stuck in the subway doors as they were closing…and I had to take her purse from her hand hanging out the doors like a crazy person.  Ah, us and metros.  We get along so nicely.



Do you have any embarrassing subway stories??  I’d love to hear! Kate and I have a plethora, obviously.

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