Awkward & Awesome

Kate’s Awkward and Awesome’s of the Week:


  • The fact that my nose has been running like it’s training for a marathon for the past week. You can call me Snuffles. Snuffles Mcgee.
  • Going out for a drink last night and finding out after we had ordered drinks that it was kareoke night. Note to the guy who sang Kiss by Prince: I may not have to be rich to be your girl, but I’d probably have to be deaf.
  • Having some guy in the street stop me and ask me if I was from out of the country: apparently I give off that vibe.


  • Being put in charge of decorations for our office holiday party. An excuse to be crafy at work? I’ll take it.
  • FINALLY remebering to actually take the trash out on trash day. This has been a crisis two weeks in the making.
  • Having my boss come up to me today and ask if I’d lost weight. Have I? Probably not. But I’m gonna put that in the win column regardless.


Chantelle’s Awkward and Awesome’s:


  • Ordering Qdoba online to complete my lazy Monday night activities, only to go pick it up and have their staff tell me they get online orders so rarely that they don’t even check them anymore.  And then I proceeded to go through the line like all the other customers and order my dinner. Fail. 
  • Wearing my super cute new bow scarf to work yesterday and having one of the chefs ask me, “what’s that (insert pointing at super cute bow scarf with a confused/disapproving look on his face) all about?”  I will defend it till the end of my days. Love it.
  • Requesting connections on LinkedIn.  Anybody else feel this way?  It’s one thing to request friends (people you generally know or want to know) on Facebook, but requesting connections on LinkedIn just feels like this big approval waiting game of past professors and employers. Stresses. Me. Out.


  • Finding out that one of my roommates sings to himself every morning when he wakes up, and my other roommate stating that it makes her feel like a Disney princess to wake up to singing around her.  She just needs birds chirping and little animals running around her room.
  • FINALLY starting my Christmas shopping/crafting this past week. Why do I always wait until December to do this? WHY.
  • Being greeted at my restaurant job with a happiness hug by my downstairs office buddies.  Makes that job feel so much more pleasant!


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