The short and short of it.

Hello fellow pretties! I just got back to beantown after my long weekend in DC. Stacey’s (my brother’s GF) birthday went off without a hitch, though I have to say I went WAY easier on her than she did on me for my 21st.dc

This is the picture of the start of the night. I’ll let your imaginations go wild about how we looked at the end of the night:)

Instead of giving you a long boring account of my quick trip, I opted to give you the highlights(I promise to do it in 10 Bullet Points or less!):

  • Going to a party near RFK Stadium and being flooded with memories of assembling care packages and writing letters to the troops during inauguration week in 2008.
  • Getting a desperately needed manicure and pedicure to celebrate Stacey’s Birthday. I honestly thought that my feet were past the point of no return.
  • Finishing The Kite Runner while Stacey packed up her things to move back to Colorado. Finally, a book that I’m not embarrassed to tell my boss I am reading!
  • Having dinner with my old boss, who is now attending graduate school in DC, and leaving with some sound life advice (She and her husband are kind of my idols, more on that later this week!)
  • Accidentally making an inappropriate comment to the entire table about my er…chest at Stacey’s party  when I realized that I was somehow in two separate conversations. Whoops!
  • Sleeping late just about every day and not feeling bad about it. I know some people feel different, but I think that cramming too many activities into a short time frame is just exhausting. I get enough exhaustion at work…vacations should be relaxing.
  • (Hopefully) getting to make Stacey’s 21st a memorable one!

That’s it folks. My vacation was great, but it’s back to reality for me!

Catch you on the flip side,


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