Awkward & Awesome


  • Telling my boyfriend, Colin, how excited I was about the royal pregnancy news.  Me: “Hey!  Did you know Kate is pregnant??”  Him: “WHAT?” Me: “No, no, no! Kate as in Will & Kate!”  Lesson learned.  Can’t casually refer to the royals with a boy. (Sorry, Kate!)
  • Trying to consequence a resident at my job for their bad behaviour, and having them yell in my face and refer to me as “Black Mommy.”  Could. Not. Stop. Laughing. I’m the whitest person I know.
  • Going out to dinner, thinking you’ve tipped a solid 18%, and then having it pointed out after you’ve left the restaurant that you in fact only tipped 11%. wamp-wamp.


  • Sneaking into the CU Boulder library to blog uninterrupted on their GIGANTIC Mac computers.  Thankyouverymuch, students fees I don’t have to pay.
  • The fact that my new Polar FA20 running/workout watch tells me that I’m lazy if I don’t workout that day.  Hello, personal trainer!
  • All the amazing job opportunities that seem to be opening themselves up to me lately!  I’m pickin up what you’re layin down, universe.

XOXO, Chantelle

Kate’s Awkward and Awesome’s:


  • Finding out that the roommate that I lived with for an excruciating 3 month sublet over the summer apparently never paid his share of the rent for those three months, and is now wanted by the police…I plead temporary insanity for moving into that place.
  • Visiting some friends at my old job at the university and thinking for a second that I had stepped foot not into my old place of employment, but a somewhat trashy night club. The reason for this is because when I walked through the doors I was confronted by  1.) a girl who was wearing what I would classify as boy shorts, a sheer top, and ripped tights, and 2.) another girl who was wearing an oversized(that word may be a little generous) sweater, sheer tights, and something resembling combat boots.  All I can say is…freshmen.
  • Coming home  exhausted yesterday, and then staying up until 4 am for no reason other than the fact that I must love self-torture.


  • Totally nerding out at my job today by getting overly excited about the fact that I am basically a wizard when it comes to making pivot tables in Microsoft Excel.
  • Having Chantelle’s boyfriend think that I was pregnant…or, if you look at it in a better light, having Chantelle’s boyfriend mistake me for Kate Middleton…who says I’m not an optimist?
  • Getting this new Anne Klein winter coat on sale (er…kind of) at Marshall’s. I think I’m in love.


And that, as they say, is all she wrote.


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