A few of my favorite things…Holiday Style

Hello all, this week’s favorites are holiday inspired. Hope you enjoy!

Favorite place to buy unique gifts: Etsy


Living in Boston and traveling home to Colorado for Christmas means that online shopping is my best friend. Etsy has so many one-of-a kind gifts for reasonable prices. I saw this necklace and was thinking about getting it for my mom, but alas, it’s been sold!

Favorite store during the Holidays-Macy’s


To me,  Macy’s  and Christmas go hand-in-hand. I love going into Macy’s around the Holidays, I swear I can feel the Christmas spirit.

Favorite Christmas Cookies:  Jam Filled Thumbprints 


I love these cookies. My grandmother always bakes them and I whenever the around to eat them, I have enough to last me until next Christmas(which is quite a lot). I have to say, her recipe is pretty fool-proof, but I found this recipe on Cooking Light’s website and I thought I might try it this year and see what I thought of the lighter version…I’ll keep you posted!

Favorite Christmas Tradition with Family: Christmas in Denver 

Every year since I was a kid, my family spends a long weekend in Downtown Denver before Christmas. We see the lights in Larimer Square, eat at our favorite Italian Restaurant, and finish our last minute shopping. It’s one of my favorite parts of coming back to Colorado.

Larimer Square, Denver,CO.

Larimer Square, Denver, CO.

Favorite Tradition with Friends: Gift Exchange  with the Girls. 

We don’t get to see each other very often any more, so getting together around the holidays is  a must. Our photos from last year are probably my favorite…who doesn’t love a good ugly sweater?


I case you’re wondering what our friend Molly is doing, she holding up the mistletoe!

I hope this week’s favorites brought you some holiday cheer and made you think of some of your favorite things to do around the holiday.


Until next time,


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