Flashback Friday–Halloween Style

I love Halloween.  I love that it’s Fall, I love the leaves crunching underneath your feet, I love the cozy scarf/sweater combo, I love the ABC Family Halloween movie barrage.  I do.not. love scrambling at the last minute to find something to be…and yet, I do it to myself almost every single year.

Take Exhibit A for example:


Is anyone sure what Kate and I are here?  No?

That would be because it was torrentially down pouring rain on Halloween 2010 in Boston, and we had waited to go shopping for our costumes until the day of the party we were going to.  We tossed around a few ideas, and came up with the idea of masquerade! It would be so easy, cheap and cute. wah-wah.

The photo really says it all, but needless to say we found ALMOST nothing that we were actually looking for, or if we did find out, it was completely out of our price range (amazing masquerade masks, i’m talking about you!). Or we gave up looking eventually because, as I mentioned, it was hurricaning and 1) we were soaked, 2) hungry, and 3) going to be late for our party.

So, we ended up with some sort of masquerade/mardi gras/ballerina look–it’s up for interpretation really 😉

Moral of the story:  ALWAYS go shopping before the day you need your costume…unless you want a pretty awesome story to look back on.

XOXO, Chantelle

What was your most awkward Halloween costume?

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