Awkward & Awesome


  • Coming home to my roommate (who is never, ever home) throwing a casual little bash, walking in the door, and him announcing, “Ohhhhh…Hey, Chantelle…I thought you were going to be home for Thanksgiving week…Well, I guess you can join us if you want.”  No, thanks.
  • Listening to my other roommate talk to himself all.the.time.  Hi! I’m home! If you want to have a full-blown conversation you can come talk to me.
  • A continually runny nose that won’t go away no matter what.  Especially awesome when you work in a restaurant and have to repeatedly wipe your nose on the back of your hand.  And now your hands are extremely dry because you’ve had to wash them so much. Cool.
  • Having to check out books from the large-print section at the library, and having people assume you either have horrible vision or are really old…Then having that book recalled from you so that someone who actually does have horrible vision or is really old can read it.  1984, it just wasn’t meant to be this time.


  • Getting to taste test the entire line of Don Julio Tequilas for work (think price range of $125-$400 a bottle).  This is especially awesome because I would NEVER.IN.MY.LIFE. pay that much for anyyyy type of alcohol, but it was quite delicious.
  • Catching up on the phone with your bestie (heyyyy, Kate) and realizing you have both–separately, mind you–become obsessed with “The Mindy Project.”
  • Using a water bottle to scrape the snow off my windshield.  No sharp edges, so it didn’t work great, but I felt straight outta MacGyver.
  • Writing a to-do list, and adding things I’ve already done just so I can have the satisfaction of checking them off.

What have been your Awkward & Awesomes of the week??

XOXO, Chantelle

Kate’s Awkward and Awesome’s of the Week:


  • Falling getting out of the shower and managing to break my towel rack in the process…I’m such a klutz.
  • Forgetting to set my alarm clock this morning, making me twenty minutes late to my 8 am doctor’s appointment…also having an 8 am doctor’s appointment for that matter.
  • I think that I must just be the world’s jumpiest person. A loud noise, sudden movement, or really anything for that matter startles me. This week I was setting up lunch in a conference room when my co-worker came in to see if I needed any help and I SCREAMED…enough said.
  • Boston has been freezing and windy. My skin does not appreciate cold or wind. So for the past month, no matter what fancy moisturizer I buy, or how much water I drink, my skin looks like a crocidile’s…yuck.


  • FINALLY getting my desk organized at work…I’m so disorganized, but my new boss is the exact opposite, and his organizational tendencies are rubbing off on me (somewhat). I was reluctant to admit it at first, but now I like to think I’m embracing it.
  • Going to my first Boston Celtics game. We lost, but there was a huge fight in the second quarter that made things very entertaining!
  • Discovering Downton Abbey. One of my friends has been telling me I’d love this show. I finally started watching it and I’m OBSESSED. the down side is that I keep staying up incredibly late to watch it. What can I say?I have no self-control .

That’s it, folks. Hope your weeks were as awesome, and perhaps not as awkward as ours.


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