current obsessions, part one.

brunch. whether homemade or out in the mecca that is the Boulder cafe scene–I can’t get enough!  So much hollandaise and orange juice in my system, and I’m thrilled.

my new-to-me Nars Orgasm Illuminator blush.  The perfect amount of warmth and touch of sparkle to make any girl feel pretty.

this candle.  smells so good and candles always make me feel cozy.

pumpkin and peppermint.  seasonal flavors make me so happy every year.  I’ve been taking full advantage by ordering anything and everything pumpkin or peppermint I can get my hands on (I’m thinking of you, pumpkin scones and skinny peppermint mochas!)

these winter appropriate leggings. they don’t go with much, but they are warm and fabulous.  i adore them.  and for only $20 from Target, how could I resist?

XOXO, Chantelle

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