Flashback Friday!

This  flashback Friday takes us back to a little more than a year ago, when Chantelle and I got our first apartment  together. I loved everything about that apartment- the  busy neighborhood, the historic movie theatre up the street where Chantelle and I would see artsy movies to balance out all of the sappy  chick flicks and bad TV that we usually watched, and the people below us, who I never really met, but who always seemed to be making some gourmet meal that made my nostrils and tastebuds envious.

Of all of the things I loved about that apartment, my favorite part would have to be the dinner parties that came to be synonomous with our little place in Brookline. If our friends were going to have to take the 20 minute (gasp!)  trek on the green line to get to our place, you could bet that a dinner party was involved. Below are some of my favorite captured memories from those nights:

This became a tradition at our parties- every guest would get a clothespin for their wine glass. We hung all the clothespins of in our kitchen for future parties , and it became our “wall of fame.”

This was actually one of the last parties held at our apartment-neither of us wanted to take all of the wine with us when we moved out. Our solution: Sangria Night.

This picture was my fault. Despite what you all are thinking- I was only one glass of Sangria in when I managed to slip on our wood floors. Chantelle decided to keep me company while I nursed my bruised ego. My clumsiness knows know bounds.



We also held some pretty awesome birthday bashes at that apartment-complete with our favorite Lulu’s cupcakes from the North End in Boston. This was right before I sang Chantelle a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday and presented her with the cupcakes.

What can I say? I know the way to her heart.

This picture was taken at my birthday party- we decided to have a contest to see whose dress was the twirliest- Chantelle may have been more graceful, but I definitely won.

This last picture is one of my favorites. We put the camera on a timer, and everybody had 30 seconds to scramble around the apartment to find the craziest prop they could for the picture. I’m in the back holding up a teapot, I think I ran out of time!

We only lived there for a year, but I will never forget my first apartment, and  all of the crazy, silly, splendid memories that went  with it.

Until next time,


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