And so it Begins…

Welcome to A Tale of Two Pretties-The journey of two young women who have known each other for over a decade, grown up together, gone to college together, and who are now living two thousand miles apart.

Chantelle is a laid back, free spirit currently residing in Boulder, Colorado. She somehow keeps this calm demeanor despite the fact that she works two jobs AND maintains a social life. (It must be the yoga.)

Deciding to stay after graduating, Kate calls Boston, Massachusetts home for the time being.  No one would ever accuse her of being laid back-but her feisty, disorganized personality tends to keep people laughing (often times when she doesn’t intend to make anyone laugh!)

This blog is our attempt to remain connected in spite of our busy lives, and share with you our new adventures, ideas, accomplishments and failures as we try to forge a path of our own. Should you continue to follow us (and we hope you do!), here are some things you can look forward to in the not-so-distant future:

  • New Recipes-We try to be healthy, but we’re not making any promises. Chantelle is the real cook of the bunch, but Kate will sometimes delve into baking for her co-workers, or cooking for a dinner party!
  • Crafts and creative projects-Kate has recently taken up crafting and DIY house projects in attempt to decorate her new apartment on an almost non-existent budget. She’s a sucker for garage sale finds, and will find  just about any excuse to make use of her recently purchased power-drill.
  • Fashion, hair,beauty-What can we say? We’re girls, we love this stuff, and we’ll be sharing some of our best finds and tips along the way.
  • Our life in photographs-each week, we’ll be posting our favorite photos taken from around our respective cities.
  • Tales of old-Hopefully this blog will give you insight into the people we are now, but we’ll also be letting you in on some of our favorite past memories that have cemented together our lifelong friendship.

We’ll also be posting other odds and ends that come up along the way, just to keep things interesting. We hope you enjoy.

Let the story begin!

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